This is  a Wikipedia page solely devoted to the impact of the recent earthquake in Japan on the video game industry.  Site contributor Shenmuer2001 sent this in with the comment “I’m not sure if this is embarassing or just weird…” 

It’s neither; it’s actually just enraging.  Why can’t these fucking embarrassing nerds get it that THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE DIED FROM THIS, and compared with this, your games being delayed don’t matter a SINGLE FUCKING BIT.

This isn’t even a joke.  This is actually serious.  There are apparently a number of horrible, embarrassing assholes at wikipedia that seem to think that when:

  • Thousands of people died,
  • Thousands more are injured and/or homeless,
  • Several nuclear reactors are possibly melting down (killing thousands more),


Honestly, I am just so pissed off at this I can’t think of much else to say.

Anonymous said: Thanks for the answer.

I want to know your name because I think you are also doind the classic internet toughguy when you are brave enough to post a critic, but not a name to endorse the critic....But then opinions diverge and I am not going to crucify someone with a different opinion.


Hey, Thiago got back to me like a week ago, and I never replied.  So here is my response (a bit late).

I assume you mean I am not “brave enough” to post my name on here, and to answer that: Well, I don’t really care.  My name is pretty easy to find with some Googling (I did this myself to be sure), so if you want to find it, go right ahead.  I did avoid putting it explicitly on here because, having seen a lot of the fallout with Daphny over her brief confrontation with Trenchbloat, I figured it would be best to avoid any random person attacking me for daring to denigrate some sacred cow/person/game.  I just don’t want to deal with it.  However, like I said, Google can give you the answers if you really want them.

As for “not crucify[ing]” me, well, your first letter seemed a thinly veiled attempt at that (calling this my “hobby” and subsequently “sad”), though admittedly, it was a bit weak.

So is my decision not to plaster my name all over here cowardly? Eh, maybe.  But who I am really doesn’t affect how embarrassing this all is.

Gamer Priorities Are The Best Priorities

maybe not the time for this

So, maybe you check on the news some times (or not).  If you did, you might’ve picked up on there being a HUGE FUCKING EARTHQUAKE in Japan, causing a HUGE FUCKING TSUNAMI, and leading to lots of hardship and suffering by a lot of people.  It’s incredibly sad, and most of the world that can is trying to do something to help out the thousands whose lives have been affected, and the thousands more who could be affected if the nuclear facilities damaged in this catastrophe happen to meltdown(or worse).

Or, you know, you could be an entitled gamer.

A lot of game development happens in Japan (Sony, Nintendo, Konami, Capcom, etc.) and, due to this massive disaster, a lot of games are being delayed right now.  In this case, Motorstorm: Apocalypse is being delayed.  Now, there are probably a few good reasons for this.  First, you have to imagine that the distribution company responsible for getting the game out was probably negatively affected by this.  Secondly, the game is about, to some extent, racing through the ruins of a civilization that continually experiences earthquakes.  Umm, possibly a little too soon?

Not if you are an entitled gamer.  Choice quote from the NEOGAF thread: “You have to separate real life from entertainment or nothing ever would be released.”  Gamers have this lovely ability to think their chosen hobby has nothing to do with real life at all, and hence it is completely OK for there to be poor taste in all forms, as long as it is fun.

Ugh.  I am sure more gamer rage at those darn insensitive victims of disasters will continue over the coming weeks.  

Thanks to RobotRocker for the NEOGAF link and choice quote.

Who Is The Hottest Female Game Character? Because That Is What Matters.

Not the quality of the games, or even what having (some of) these characters exist says about gamers and their sexual issues.  So we get this:

The thing I have come to appreciate in making this site is the layers of embarrassment in so much of gamer culture.  Here we have a video in which the very premise (semi-attractive woman who got noticed for singing a song about a presidential candidate goes around and asks dudes which game characters they think are hot) seems pretty embarrassing, but is somehow outdone by the answers of the guys themselves (Zelda is “not one of those that you want to take behind the trailer, but one you want to marry”).

Add to this that half the gamers interviewed seem to desperately want to hit on their interviewer, and the embarrassment only gets worse.  So many layers.

Submitted by edittingappearance.


Check it out, y’all.  I made it! (Sorta.) (OK, not really.)

oh boy

This is great stuff.  I don’t write long enough posts here?  I would think that is because most of this shit is just so damn embarrassing that there is little that can be said about it, but apparently not!  I mean, this guy does then go on to miss the point entirely of the stuff I do write, and obviously making things longer helps with comprehension.

But here, let me pull some shit here to show what I am talking about.

too stupid to understand why the Indian princess from Custer’s Revenge is controversial 

You see, apparently I was saying I didn’t get why the princess is controversial, whereas what I was actually highlighting here was that the fucking article was claiming the princess was the controversial part, not THE FUCKING RAPE THAT THE GAME WAS ABOUT.  But, apparently I didn’t spell that out enough for this guy.  So there it is.

But then, get this, we get to how this guy found out about this site in the first place:

What prompted our attention was when we received traffic from an unusual site (thanks for both hits by the way). He had posted a link to our article “Xbox Dilemma” saying that it is fanboism, based solely on PS3 pre-release press releases, devoid of thought and grammatically incoherent. This is, or “is is” to use his parlance, hypocrisy considering he is too lazy to even spell check his messy posts. To the article in question, it used the principles of NYU Stern professor Melissa Schilling’s seminal 2003 paper “Technological Leapfrogging”, which analyzes why certain consoles succeed in grabbing market share and others failed, and applied them to the current state of companies looking to the future-gen systems. But it is understandable that a well supported argument looks like fanboism, like science looks like magic, to children and idiots. To support his argument he quotes a “reader” who did not comment on this article… on any of its host pages. That’s like quoting a review of Burlesque to talk about Inception.

In reference to this post here (thanks for blocking the hotlink, by the way.  I’m sure it was such a drain on your bandwidth).  Let’s ignore the criticism of my perfectly correct (if admittedly awkward) grammar in the original post, because criticizing grammar makes people look petty, and when they do it wrong makes them look plain dumb (I am sensing a theme here).  Let’s just see that somehow this guy seems to think that I was accusing them of being PS3 fanboys or some shit.  Here’s a hint to understanding posts (it would’ve helped with the Custer’s Revenge one as well): READ THE FUCKING TITLE.  Think about what you are reading and try to understand it.  And no, citing a paper doesn’t make the original article (clearly based on PR) any more significant or worthy of being written/read.

The best part of all is the end:

not even fully reading the articles you rail against

Ha.  Et tu, Gamer?  Et tu?

I guess he did bust me on Jim Sterling, which would work better if the guy had any idea what he was talking about (he references Destructoid, but seems to have little idea who Sterling is), and if I hadn’t already been busting my own chops on that for a bit.

So, as the upside of all of this (and a letter I will post later), I now have a comments section.  Enjoy?

Oh Shit, I Am Messing Up.

You know how I said I might try to lay off of Trenchbloat?  I lied.

ugh fuck you

He actually made a post (called “Not Racist”) that said this:

Pokémon Black and White released today, and you’d be surprised at how many people said they’re opting for White. Obviously, this is utterly racist, as I’m sure you’ve heard 1,000 times on the Internet already today. 

Fortunately, some of us are a bit more socially progressive and are still “down” with the “hoes and tricks.” Thank God somebody is providing a positive example in serious videogame journalism.

Did you get your Pokermanz today? Which color did you get?

Seriously? A post called “Not Racist” full of “ironic” (I’m sure) racist/sexist humor. Oh, and remember, he isn’t a journalist.  He’s just a fucking moron.

Anonymous said: Problems....

What is your problem? You have the right to do that crazy thing you are doing……..but I would love to know why you spend all this time with somenone you hate?

What he did to you in the past? I hope you find another hobby in the future….because this one is pretty sad.

Nobody asked me to write that….I am only shocked with the situation….



PS. It is good to use your own name when you want to give your opinion.

So I didn’t have an “Ask” feature, so this guy used the “Submit” feature.  I wanted to reply to him, but still post his post, so here it is.  Just note, he wasn’t anonymous; it was just me reformatting his message to work with tumblr, due to me leaving something out.

Moving on, and responding to questions/comments in order of the message.

My problem is that gamers and gaming websites are largely embarrassing, and make me cringe fairly regularly.  I find gaming to be fairly unique in this regard, so I started this here blog to post various things I find particularly cringe inducing.  As for the time it takes, honestly, very little.  I mostly see these things in the course of my usual web browsing, and posting them here takes 10-15 minutes out of my day.  Since usually web browsing is something I do to waste time, this 10-15 minutes is just a different method for wasting time, but at least it is mildly (not really) productive.

As for the “somenone [sp]”, I guess I can assume you mean Jim “Trenchbloat” Sterling.  I do spend a bit too much time on the guy, which is why I haven’t been posting about him lately.  Why focus on him?  Well, in the beginning, it was because he is particularly emblematic of a lot of the most embarrassing aspects of gamers.  He seems to find himself witty and intelligent, without saying anything even remotely witty or intelligent most of the time.  He embodies so much of what is wrong in gamers in terms of gender/sexuality/race issues.  He obviously cares very little about his own personal appearance/hygiene/fitness.  And, to top it off, he is quite voluminous in his posting habits, making him all that much more of a target.

Aside from that, there was the brief discussion he and I had on Twitter, when he did the classic internet toughguy bullshit of blocking me and still talking about me, so that he could feel like he had won some sort of conversation or something.  Who knows?

As for my hobbies, I have quite a few of them, and I wouldn’t even really consider this site as much of one.  I play games a lot (but due to the embarrassment that fuels this site, I am loathe to call myself a “gamer”), but I have other hobbies as well.  Unlike so many of the gamers that I post here, I find there is so much more to do than just play games.

I’m sorry you find this all sad.  I mostly find it funny (though, in my embarrassment, there is always a hint of sadness).

I have no idea why you are shocked by this humble tumblr, but please, continue on in your shockedness.

PS. Why do you care what my name is?

This Could End Us, Right Here.

This might be the omega of gamer embarrassment.  Submitted by 21thcenturysong:

I don’t really think I can handle this.  Someone made a Katy Perry song worse, and I am sure they would say “achievement unlocked”.  Out loud.  There is so much embarrassing gamer shit here (including the assumption that you can’t possibly date anyone who isn’t into the same nerdy shit as you) that I am just going to leave it be.  Though you can check out the lyrics right here.

I Can Only Hope When She Gets Older, She Knows How Horribly Embarrassing This Is.

Apparently this girl has a whole channel of this stuff.  Youtube has allowed gamers to make series of videos that specifically highlight just how embarrassing they are.  The good news (for this site at least) is that they do a really great job of it.  And, as a bonus, she does the stupid voice-speed-up thing.

The best revelation of this whole thing is that she is old enough to be in college.

We Are Going To Put A Furby On The Moon.

Watch this:

…did you get to the point?

There isn’t really one.  Honest.  Most of this is just straight up freestylin’ a bizarre sci-fi novel about how people will have a gamerscore for everything in their lives, because apparently this dude thinks gamerscores and NUMBERS GOING UP will motivate everyone. Then he talks about how having a gamerscore on everything would make us try to be better people for the future, because people will look at our life gamerscore and judge us later on.

Nobody ever looks at gamerscores.  Or they shouldn’t.

This guy apparently makes Disney games or something.  I don’t know.

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