Anonymous said: What's your beef with Jane McGonigal?

Originally, on this site, it was her over(mis)use of “epic” that ticked me off, as I find the gamer culture version of that word annoying and far too prevalent, and her presentation was a great example of that.

However, as time went on, the whole gamification idea came to be code for commercial enterprises (such as McGonnigal’s own experience on I Love Bees) using the simpler, addicting qualities of games as tools to get you to buy more, advertise more, and so on, recently coming to a head with the Israeli Defense Force giving out achievements on their blog.  I don’t like this one bit.

Anonymous said: Well, it made me happy. Then I discovered the existence of Mr. Trenchcoat and went back to neutral.

Yeah, the worst part of finding out someone else out there agrees with you on gamer culture is usually that you find out there is a lot more horrible gamer culture than you knew about to begin with.

Anonymous said: Thank you for articulating what pisses me off about gaming culture.

I would say you are welcome, but that seems, I dunno, too happy  a way to put it.

Anonymous said: How are gamers entitled you dumb whore?

Well holy shit what the fuck can I even say to this shit?

Gamers Are Embarrassing Is Moving.

I’ve decided to move this site over to wordpress.  There are a variety of reasons for this, but in the end, I think it will make the site look better, and make editing it easier on me.

The new address is

I have a new article up and running there as we speak.  I will continue to update the Twitter account, and I will set up this tumblr to follow the RSS of the new site once I get done fixing a few little problems with the port over.  Anyhow, feel free to head over there and let me know what you think of the new design.

Horrible Nerds Being Horrible


"IGN’s Hunt for the Most Embarassing Amateur Game Designer"

There is so much here to notice really, but the weird undertone of misogyny that persists for mosts of the video makes its breakthrough around 2:45.

Classic quotes:

"Women can’t handle nature."

"They do what they’re good at; they over react."

"She got 35 years old and now she’s all angry because she’s got no kids."

The laughter that follows these is particularly disturbing.  Huge thanks and appreciation go to submitter OffalAl, who did some great editing on this whole thing to really drive home the horror.

Dragon Age II Vs. Straight Male Gamers

OK, so this is going to be a lot of reading, but let’s do this.


Start right here.

The title of the post (BioWare neglected their main demographic: The Straight Male Gamer) should tip you off about the large amounts of embarrassing bulshit contained within.  Seriously, he is actually complaining that Bioware may have made a game with some audience in mind other than straight male gamers.  He laments that he even has to specify that, as previously he could have just said “fans”.  He gets mad that a few of the companions are meant to appeal to gay men or straight/gay women.  Then he complains of, I shit you not, the lack of a “No Homosexuality” option.  Apparently, the straight women available for him to choose from in this game are to (exact quote) “exotic” for him.

Oh please, Bioware, won’t you pander to my straight boring homophobic racist (let’s just be honest about what “exotic” means) desires for virtual relationships?

Clearly, just no idea what privilege even is.  He even says as much.  He claims privilege lies with the minority in DA2, simply because he feels they are over represented.  I can only barely even laugh at that, as I know how dominant that kind of thinking is.

David Gaider, from Bioware, posts a pretty decent follow up right after Bastal gets done with his whining (and holding The Witcher up as an example of how sexuality should be treated in games, which is the last thing anyone should hold that game up as an exemplar of).  Too bad that, from what I hear, the game is pretty terrible, and the writing is typical Bioware embarrassing, even if it does try to be a bit more inclusive.

Oh well.

For note, this is a good summary of what is wrong with DA2, without even getting to the actual game:

I Think Someone Thinks About Zelda Too Much.

Specifically, this girl, who goes by the youtube handle meekakitty, and who made this video.

There are two parts to this thing that need to get broken down.

First, the song/music video itself.  So, if you ever played Ocarina, you know that Navi, the protagonist of this piece of pop drivel, is a tiny fairy.  An actual in game sprite.  She looks like this:


So, the entire song is based on this glowing ball of light falling in love with Link and yet somehow not being loved back.  That is way too much emotional investment in this glow ball, and speaks to some kinda creepy gamer character identification issues.  And the video has some creepy stuff in it to make that worse, in particular the Ganondorf scene.

Now, that would be embarrassing enough, but Meekakitty had to add an extra layer, you know, for kids. Skip to the end of the song and listen to her rant (with that shitty youtube editing that is so popular these days) about how everyone should’ve played Ocarina of Time because it’s “a freaking classic, people”.  Also note that she calls herself “not a gamer”, which this entire video begs to differ with, and her little rant only entirely disproves this.  

And then she says Wind Waker had a really good plot.

Big thanks to Geinou for the submission.

Jim Sterling Is A Fuck Self-Denying Misogynistic Fuck

Jim Sterling actually said this:

jim sterling fantasies

Personally, I think words like “misogynistic” are getting thrown around so much online that their true meanings are starting to get devalued.

Editor’s note:  Jim Sterling keeps on doing what he did here.  I am reminded of far too many attempts to “take back” words done by people with no real right to even try that.  Jim, if you are going to try to get people to stop calling things misogynist, it would really help if you weren’t, as the submitter (dragonmaw) for this one put it, a “fuck self-denying misogynistic fuck”.  Thanks.

Big Surprise: Destructoid Most Misogynistic Game Site!

Congrats guys!  You win!


Go Make Me A Sandwich has a great write up on the various uses of misgynist language on a variety of games-related sites, all spawned by the writer’s growing hatred of Jim Sterling.  Welcome to the club.

What she finds, though, is that it isn’t just Trenchbloat causing the problems.  It’s the whole damn site.  Man, Google makes this kind of stuff easy, apparently.

And yes, this isn’t a scientific study or any of that bullshit.  But it is very enlightening.

Bonus: What the hell is up with the results for 4chan?

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